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We pride ourselves on being a brand that is affordable and suitable for anybody’s body. We are immensely grateful to our many consumers who not only purchase our products over and over again, but who share their love of our products to family, friends and their social communities. We have collated this collection of testimonials to help you find products that others have tried and tested and that you may also benefit from.

Very Dry Skin Lotion

Lip Balm

Anti Itch Soothing Lotion

Anti-itch Soothing Cream

Anti-ageing hand balm

Hand balm

Lip balm berry

Lip balm original

Lip balm original

Lip balm original

Lip balm original

Sensitive skin lotion

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A range of efficacious and affordable solution that you can trust to treat common foot problems including dry and cracked feet, foot and shoe odour, nail fungus and plantar and common wart removal. Product ranges may differ in different markets

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